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Fisk University
Cultivating Scholars and Leaders One by One.

Founded in 1866, Fisk is Nashville's first university.

Washington Monthly ranks Fisk in the top 20 percent of all liberal arts institutions in the nation and the #1 Liberal Arts HBCU in Research in its 2012 list of Top Liberal Arts Colleges and Universities.  

Fisk ranks in the top 6% of the 254 leading liberal arts institutions based on social mobility, research and service.  Fisk ranked in the top 20 percent of 650 higher education institutions and is the highest ranked HBCU on Forbes’ 2012 Top Colleges List.  The University has been ranked twenty consecutive years in the Princeton Review’s “Best Southeastern Colleges.”  

The 2013 U.S. News and World Report’s “Best Colleges and Universities” ranked  Fisk #145 in the elite Tier One group of 246 liberal arts institutions selected for the distinction among the 1,400 colleges and universities in the nation. Fisk is one of only three HBCUs ranked in Tier One.

Fisk has earned three R & D 100 Awards for work in the creation of radiation detectors developed in collaboration with several National Laboratories and Corporations. No other HBCU has earned an R & D 100 Award.  

According to the National Science Foundation, Fisk produces more African-Americans who earn doctoral degrees in the natural sciences than any school in the nation.  Fisk received a charter for the first chapter of The Phi Beta Society on a predominantly black campus in 1953.  

Learn more at www.Fisk.edu.

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